Our Dream-Tun Up All The Way Up...


Tun Up Apparel came into existence on June 2020.  It is a branch of Tun Up Hot Sauce; however, it represents Toronto the City I Live in with the Skyline and CN Tower and is meant to be a testimony that the Sky’s The Limit, with “All The Way Up…”.  And also, the Fact that the Nothing is Impossible with God on your side!!

When I first founded and named my Hot Sauce “Tun Up” I had already told myself that I will not be just another Hot Sauce.  I wanted to expand into something bigger and better which was the Apparel. 

Knowing that the phrase “Tun Up” is widely used amongst Caribbean People and the Urban Culture, I wanted to “Tun Up” the world with an Apparel that hopefully one day can become worldwide. 

I also want to Represent Toronto, because I am proud to be a Torontonian. 

Currently I have Black, Grey and White shirts but will be eventually branching off in to other apparel in the future.   


Tun Up is a Well-Known Jamaican Slang and Means: An expression used to describe something that is wonderful, hype, exciting, spectacular or a great deal of fun. The literal translation of “Tun Up” is “Turned Up”.