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Cooking With Mr. Tun Up

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Tun Up Gift Boxes

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It Will Warm Their Heart!

Purchase All 3 Flavours

Purchase All 3 Flavours Of Our All Natural Tropical Flavoured Hot Sauce For Only $27.00. That's An Awesome Price For 3 Amazing Tasting Hot Sauces. So Order Now And Save!! Mango Flavour, Pineapple Flavour and Ghost Pepper Mango Fllavour. No Promo Code Needed, Just Order One of Each Flavour and Your Discount Will Automatically Be Applied. Or Buy 3 or More Bottles of Any 148ml Size Hot Sauce and Receive $1.85/Off Your Order.

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Mango Flavour

What can I honestly say, I put this Hot Sauce on everything literally. I love the flavour and the heat level is just right!


Tun Up

I can honestly understand why this hot sauce is called TUN UP-It really is TUN UP. Fiyah I love the ghost pepper mango hot sauce. It has just the fire I need.

Rae Rae

Pineapple Tun Up

I have tried all 3 flavours but I have to say Pineapple is my FAV. I love this Hot Sauce. If you have not purchased a bottle of this Hot Sauce I don't know what you are waiting on IT'S JUST THAT GOOD!!!

Marvin G.

Tun Up Hot Sauce

If you're looking for something Flavourful, Hot, and made with love & care, then you've come to the right place.  Tun Up Hot Sauce was created out of a need for Hot Sauce that would add both Heat and Flavour to your food. Over the years, I have tested many Hot Sauces and was never satisfied.  I needed something different, and unique that had full taste and heat.

Realizing that this was a common problem within the industry, I decided to make my very own Hot Sauce!  At this point, Tun Up Hot Sauce was born!!

Tun Up Hot Sauce offers an All Natural Tropical Flavour.

Its versatility will spice up virtually anything you add it to.  It compliments every dish and will amplify the taste of an already great tasting meal.

It's Just That Good...

Mango Flavour Hot Sauce

"The Mango, and Ghost pepper Hot Sauce are very flavourful, and fresh. I recommend all flavours."

Jim Hooey

"Tun Up Hot Sauce is the best hot sauce on the market, hands down. I can see myself putting this on anything. I look forward to testing the next flavour that they release."

David McDonald

a perfectly balanced sauce, the sweet taste of mango and in perfect symbiosis with the Scotch Bonnets pepper. 
A good presence of pepper, not too strong, not too sweet. 
It would be perfect with chicken, salad or to marinate red meat."

Martin Paquet

Manager Yum Yum's Jamaican Buffet

'' As a new employee/manager at Yum Yum's Restaurant  we must sample all the products in the restaurant in order to give feedback, if need be to customers , when I came across the Tun up sauce I was blown away!!! The mango Tun up sauce is a must in my kitchen , the flavors are to die for !!!!!!!!!!!''

Shana Smith

Gangster Cheese Whitby

Bro. THIS IS IT MAN, you're on to something!! I know I personally love it.

Its funny because i actually haven't even been able to try it on what i intended (wings) but i know its gonna be great. I have tried it with pizza so far which is random lol but i will do the wings either tonight or tomorrow. This Tun Up Hot Sauce Is The Bomb!!


We Offer Free Delivery In The G.T.A.

Are you looking for Tun Up Hot Sauce, but don't want to wait? No problem, we've got you covered. Click order now below, and let us know what you are looking for. One of our representatives will get back to you with more information. You can also contact us by calling 647-713-7685. Curb side delivery is available.


Pineapple Flavour Hot Sauce

Haitian Tower Restaurant

For delicious tasting Meals Click here

"Amazing Hot sauce with the flavours well together remind me of hot sauce from when I was growing up my grandmother would make amazing hot sauce since she’s gone this is the next best thing my kids love it when you have a five year old eating hot sauce you know you got a good hot sauce ❤️"

Candis Messam

"Tun up hot sauce is the boss!

Our family finds it flavourful and spicy; not to mention the sauce's consistency."

Naomi Carleen

"I tried this hot sauce today and loved it so much I bought 6 bottles! Amazing hot sauce and I highly recommend you give it a try!"

Jeanette Parmassar

I met Tun up at a vendor event and was amazed by the taste of their hot sauce. Growing up with a mother from
Trinadad you always have hot sauce in the house for flavour. Check it out and try some.

Kara-Lynn Palmer

A burst of flavour! Great addition to spice up home made burgers and fish sandwiches. I recommend this brand, it’s a must have next to my seasonings when cooking. Images Marketplace

Sandra Davis

Ghost Pepper Mango Flavour Hot Sauce

Nicola's Kitchen

Click Here for Nicola's kitchen

Mango Scotch Bonnet Hot Wings

Serious Heat With A Sweet Mango Flava. If You Are In The Whitby Area And You Like Hot Wings With Flavour, Gangster Cheese Is In Colloboration With Tun Up Hot Sauce To Provide You The Best Spicy Mango Flavoured Hot Wings Whitby Has To Offer. Click The Link Below To Find Out More...

Gangster Cheese

I tried the Spicy Mango Wings at Gangster Cheese WOW!! I have had many of spicy wings in the past but this flavour is off the charts. 


I am so bamboozled at how good these Mango Flavoured wings taste, I was caught off guard not knowing what to expect, but now I am addicted. Every chance I get, I have to admit I am buying these wings, the flavour is incredible and the spiciness is so amazing. The owner of Gangster Cheese is so nice too, just had to add that Lol!!

Sara Mitchell

If you haven't tried Gangster Cheese Spicy Mango Wings, You have no idea what you are missing. They are absolutely delicious!!

Mark Anthony

It's Gangster

I love everything spicy and I love both grill cheese and hot wings! This new spicy mango flavoured wings are no joke. They are absolutely DELICIOUS!! P.S. The Grill Cheese is amazing too, in fact they are both Gangster!

Majeet Singh

Tun Up All The Way Up...

Buy Any 2 T-Shirts, Any Size or Colour and Receive a Bottle of 148ml Tun Up Hot Sauce Absolutely Free!! (Any Flavour). So Why Not Represent This Beautiful City of Toronto With Your Very Own Tun Up T-Shirt And Get A Free Bottle of Your Favourite All Natural Tropical Flavoured Hot Sauce Today!

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If you are looking for some good Hot Sauce, Holla at My Brother Emmanuel Justus. Buy a Tun Up All The Way Up...Shirt Too It's Blessed!!

Lindsay James

Just received my Tun Up All The Way Up Shirt, It's the bomb. I Love It!! Good Fit, excellent shirt quality and looks fantastic on me. Tun It Up All The Way Up!

Nicholas Silva

Rocking my Tun Up Shirt on a regular.

Repping this beautiful city of Toronto! I love the vibrancy of the shirt and the quality. Good Job Tun Up. Bless Up, All The Way Up!

Shawn Harris